Corned Beef Irish Potato Cakes

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Unsurprisingly, Addie had St Patrick’s day in mind when she prepared these glorious looking Irish Potato Cakes. But, what separates these from the crowd is the corned beef. Addie sources hers from a local butcher but, if you are unable to do this, canned should work (though, as with most ingredients, fresh is best). Addie also suggests topping these with eggs…sunny-side up. I think I like that idea!

Total prep and cooking time (including allowing for potatoes to boil), is around 60 minutes.

As we mentioned above, this is Addie’s recipe, and she can be found on her excellent culicurious blog. To learn how to make these wonderfully tasty and comforting Corned Beef Irish Potato Cakes you only have to visit her by clicking this link:


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