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If you have a recipe that you think would appeal to the followers of Recipe Devil then we’d love to hear from you!

You Don’t Have a Blog/Website?
If you don’t have a blog/website, then that’s ok too, because we will happily publish it on Recipe Devil. All we would need are the full details of your recipe and a few photos (preferably including the ingredients and preparation) but – most importantly – one of the finished article; the bigger the photo, the better. You will need to cook (or have already cooked) the recipe in question yourself, because we just do not have the time to do this ourselves (unfortunately). We would especially love to hear about dishes that are your own family’s favorites!

You Do Have a Blog/Website?
Even better. We’d be happy for you to provide a link to a specific recipe, or for you to invite us to have a browse around your site and select for ourself. Again, a photo or two (especially a good one of the finished article) is important. You will still ‘own’ your recipes and photos – all you are doing is inviting us to publish them on Recipe Devil to share with our followers (and, you’ll likely increase your own following by doing so).

Whichever category you fall into, please provide the details below. If you are unsure – just email us at and we can talk about it.

Importantly, you will get full credit/attribution on Recipe Devil for your valued contribution. You’ll likely have your recipe featured on our popular Facebook Page too!



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