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We are sure you have realised that there are literally thousands upon thousands of fantastic and informative websites and blogs out there, providing all manner of delicious recipes and related content. We certainly have!!

Recipe Devil, therefore, is intent upon enthusiastically collating the best of the best, along with our own articles and reviews, to make life just that little bit easier and convenient for our readers and followers (and for us, too, of course!).

Also, if you stumble across a great site/blog with relevant content, drop us a line to let us know! We’d love to take a look.

We operate on a ‘fair use’ basis, and bloggers/writers who have their hard work featured by us will note that all original content (be it an image, or a recipe itself) is fully and openly credited and attributed to them, with direct links provided to their own websites (indeed, to the recipe itself). Without exception. However, if we have featured your work and you wish for us to remove our article, please let us know – we will happily comply. Similarly, if you wish to discuss how we have ‘treated’ your content, do contact us.

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We hope you enjoy our site, and we would love to hear from you on Facebook or in the Comments sections of our articles.

All the very best…

The Recipe Devil team

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